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Day 6: Saving Money Takes Time

Part of saving money is about making smart choices with shopping, cutting coupons, using coupons, and choosing the right store to get the deal at. It also can take a lot of time.

Last night I was able to make a trip to Target to get some pretty good deals. First of all, I have a fabulous husband that makes it possible. Going to the store with a pile full of coupons is better without a infant along. I admit, I have only tried it once so far. And it ended with him screaming in his car seat. So, my husband is happy to let me go to the store to do the shopping and he will stay home with our son.

Secondly, I was gone for 2 hours. Okay, I probably could have made it a shorter trip, but I got something to drink before I went shopping, I checked out the Christmas clearance, and browsed baby clothes. When I got down to the very specific list I had, it still took a fair amount of time. When using coupons you have to make sure that you find the specific item the coupon is for. Sometimes it is difficult to locate in the store. Sometimes I have to call my husband. For example,  I got a great deal on instant oatmeal. But I wasn’t sure what kind he liked. So before I bought 4 boxes of oatmeal I wanted to check. And then there’s the checkout. If you plan to go shopping with a pile full of coupons, you have to be patient. The coupons may not go through, the cashier may question if you actually purchased the item, or the coupon amount may be lowered if it is more than the value of the product. (hopefully not on the last item, because then you actually make money on that product.) All in all, I was gone 2 hours. Oh, I almost forgot, I had to go back to the store. With the pile of coupons I had, my highest value coupon for $5.99 was missed. So I went back to Target to get them to correct it. They did.

If you’re curious I got all of the above items, plus one more box of instant oatmeal (which my husband already took to work), for $31.82 after tax. The savings…$44.31. For those of you new to couponing, this is pretty good. But trust me, I have seen better. I continue to recommend They are the couponing experts, I am just a student.

For all the deals on the products in the above picture, I suggest you check out