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Day 3: 99 photos, 99 cents

I have been a long lover of photography. And have been taking photos for years. It’s one of my favorite pastimes. I also love to scrapbook with my girlfriends from church. So combining my two hobbies is a natural fit.

Since the inception of the digital photos, many great photos go unprinted. Of that I have been guilty. And the cost of printing these images seems to continue to rise. I used to get prints at Sam’s Club where one-hour photo was only 13 cents a piece for 4×6 photos. Now it’s up to 17 cents. This is an area I need to save money. Especially since it’s easy for me to take 100 photos at one family gathering. And don’t forget, I have a cute little baby now that I need to capture the moments of his life.

So I look for deals. And what I have found is that Shutterfly frequently has printing deals. I learn about them through some of my favorite savings blog. Again or another blogger on follow They posted over the weekend that I can get 99 photos for 99 cents plus shipping by entering 2011PENNY. So for about $6 or $7 I will get 99 photos, averaging about 7 cents each. A great savings.

So tonight, instead climbing into bed early after a day at work, I am uploading photos to I have to get my deal because it expires tonight. Sure I wish I could have gotten it done sooner, but the life of a busy mom keeps me up a little too late sometimes. Oh well, at least I’ll get my photos soon. Oh, Bonus!!! I forgot I received a $20 shutterfly gift card from Target when I signed up for my paper registry. So this photo order will be FREEEEEEEEE!