Monthly Archives: February 2011

Day 40: Can’t Quit

Well, here we are. 40 days into the new year and 40 days into the New Year’s Resolution. You may ask, what happened from Day 8 to Day 40? The short answer, everything. It seems when you set out on a journey to accomplish something great you encounter many road blocks that want to derail your efforts. Simply put, life got really busy at work. I have a small business and had 2 people tell me they were quitting within 24 hours of each other. For us that’s 33% of the workforce. That suddenly added a lot more work for me and took away a lot from my free time. But here I am. Still plodding away.

We are still working on doing things at home to save each week. But when the stress of life hits it makes it a whole lot harder to plan. For example, I found myself going to buy lunch for myself on the days that I went into to work rather than packing a lunch. This money did come from my personal blow money, but I could have saved that for something more fun rather than yucky fast food.

So thanks to those of you who have asked about the blog. I haven’t quit. I want to keep going. And I also want to continue to share the tips that I have learned about saving money.

Oh, and if you are curious, we were unsuccessful in putting any extra money on the mortgage in January. This was not due to a┬álack of saving. Murphy decided to move into our house for the month and made it harder squeeze out any pennies. Let’s see if we have more success in February. Thanks for your support and your prayers. We could use it. And hopefully we will see you tomorrow.