Day 2 – I bought 8 newspapers

I bought 8 newspapers today. No, it’s not a typo. I bought 8 local newspapers today. It’s coupon insert day.

Every Sunday I buy newspapers for the coupon inserts. It’s part of the tasks needed to do be an excellent couponer. And this week, was a bonanza of coupons. The newspapers each had FIVE inserts. Normally there is 2 or 3. And normally, I would only buy 4 papers.

Why 4 you ask? As I have learned how to coupon from my expert friends, Lauren & Giselle at, you purchase as many papers each Sunday as you have members of your family. There are 3 of us, but I normally buy 4 papers because it’s an even number and fits with many of the sales offered.

What will I do with all these newspapers? First, I like to sit down and just look them over. It’s nice to know what offers are listed. I am already excited about a $1 best life butter. (Meijer often does a price drop that will make butter free for me.) But just because I have the coupon doesn’t mean I will use it. I store the coupon inserts in an accordion file, organized by date, for future reference. Then, when I need a coupon for a weekly matchup, whether this week or in weeks to come, I will be able to locate the coupon. Lauren & Giselle recommend a stash box, which you can learn about on their blog. However, I have not found it beneficial to cut out all the coupons I get every week. Maybe some day I will transition to the stash box, but not now.

How did I get them? Today, I had to purchase my newspapers at Walgreen’s.  The Grand Rapids Press, Metro Edition, is $2 per paper regardless of where you purchase it. However, I prefer to buy it at RiteAid. As a member of their wellness plus program I earn points. Since I have earned enough points over the last year, I have earned an automatic 10% off each item I purchase that is not on sale. Therefore, I can get my newspapers for $1.60. Except for today. I choose to sleep in this Sunday and when I went to buy my papers at RiteAid they were all out. I briefly panicked at the thought that I might not be able to find the desired newspapers in my area. But Walgreen’s came through. Lesson learned. If I want to be serious about saving I will have to be more disciplined.

Lastly, it does matter what paper you purchase. In our area the best paper to buy is the Grand Rapids Press Metro Edition. It has the most inserts. However, the gas stations right by my home do not carry the correct newspapers and are often missing the inserts that should be available. Be sure to purchase the paper from the largest city in your area if you decide to start couponing. And be sure that it has the inserts they are supposed to. I often double-check each paper to make sure that the inserts are inside the paper before I buy them. A few times I found some inserts missing when I got home.

If you have any further questions about newspapers and couponing, let me know. Otherwise check out the blog listed above for more information.


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